About Mangia Athena

Plant based pescatarian is a lifestyle I coined for myself. It basically means, I don’t eat eggs, dairy or land dwelling meat. I made this decision, along with my boyfriend to adopt a plant based pescatarian lifestyle. I say this, because it is important that you define your diet and or lifestyle and the reasons for adopting your diet or lifestyle of choice. I knew that a plant based pescatarian diet could work for me because I’ve tried every diet and every lifestyle.  The Keto Diet made me lose weight fast, but it also made me feel sick and was not a sustainable way to live. I still practice low carb meals when I want to cut some more weight, or to balance out a carb binge. Whole 30 changed my outlook on my relationship with food. I eat when I am bored, I eat when I am sad, I eat when I am happy, and I eat too much too often. Whole 30 taught me what a nutrient dense, whole food diet can do for your skin and mood. The down side to Whole 30 was the planning, prepping and cooking and no legumes, come on beans are a plant based person’s best friend!


As a plant based pescatarian it is really hard to not eat a nutrient dense diet. I pretty much substitute everything with a veggie or legume. I also don’t have any weird nut allergies, gluten intolerances, or any other dietary restrictions so it’s easy to find substitutes for the things I love. As a plant based pescatarian I can enjoy breads, pastas, and sauces. All the things I have grown up loving and craving.  If you haven’t figured it out, with a last name like Conti, I am an Italian-American chick.  Cooking was an important part of growing up and foods that were comforting and tasty were mainstays in our household.