Hello, hello. It is so great that you are here visiting Mangia Athena! Let me introduce myself, or extroduce myself. I am Alyssa Conti, founder of Mangia Athena! As the title may have suggested, I am an extroverted type of woman who gets so much joy out of helping people in life.  In my day job I am an educator in the heart of Southeast Washington, DC. I have spent 10 years in the field of education and currently support families and students with being successful in school. Educating is what I enjoy doing and what I am good at, but currently what is sparking joy for me is cooking healthy food. Hence this blog! But my relationships with my own health has had it’s ups (on the scale) and downs (unfortunately never on the scale). My relationship with my health really stemmed from my relationship with food.

There is something so magical and mesmerizing about cooking. I love mixing flavors and spices with different ingredients. I also love sharing my food with anyone and everyone that will eat it. That love is what has led me to this passion and this blog. After reflecting about how much I love educating and cooking, a brilliant thought came to my mind. Aha! Why not do something that involves both? Why not educate on how to cook? In fact, why not educate on how to cook savory and tasty plant based pescatarian dishes. I just recently adopted this lifestyle and after experimenting some of my dishes on my always dependable boyfriend, I decided to share my kitchen with the rest of the world.